Oldtimer GP – Style & Gasoline

One of the best places to visit if you are a petrolhead, is without doubt the Nürburgring situated in the german Eifel-region. If you also happen to love vintage racing and classic cars in general, there is no better place to be at than the Oldtimer GP Nürburgring which takes place from the 7th – 9th of August.

Together with a few friends of Mcqueens we packed one of our oldtimers and set out for the legendary racingtrack late thursday night and drove all night long to arrive friday morning. A hard trip when your car is more or less build for the track – but also a great experience. If you own a classic car or motorbike you should definitely take it on a roadtrip. We only had minor problems but they were sorted out at a gasstation during the night. The braking light of our Porsche were contantly on – but after this was fixed we were confident that we would all make the trip without problems.


You will see so many extremely rare and expensive racecars that just don’t get spared one bit, but only receives a very heavy right foot from the old men who knows how to race a car, that you can hardly believe it.




There is also many many sublime cars on displays and it is just heaven for lovers of classic cars and vintage racing. The whole region is transformed to what seems like a very happy place in the sixties or seventies for a few days.

Visit the old pitarea and garages where heroes like Brian Redman, Sterling Moss, Jo Stiffert, Carroll Shelby and the likes hang around in the old days. The atmosphere there is just magic and you will see incredible cars parked in the old garages waiting to be raced on track.





All the major carclubs are here as well, the biggest of them all without doubt Porsche. More than 500 Porsche cars are parked in the area dedicated Porsche, including the new 918 Spyder and 991 GT3 RS, as well as the 2015 winner of Le Mans. But also Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Opel, Renault etc etc. are in place for the Oldtimer GP.





For three days it is a non-stop race at the GP-track, where one class replaces another. It is just great to watch while your ears are filled with the angry sound of multiple cylinders trying to hammer through the engine. Forget turbo, diesel and ohhhhh electricity – this is pure motor-heaven.


The highlight of the weekend however, at least for me, is the 4-hour marathon race at the Nordsleife. Porsche 911’s, Ford Mustang’s, Shelby Cobra’s, Jaguar E-type’s, Alfa Romeo’s etc. etc. is pushed to the limit on what many calls the most brutal racetrack in the world. You are standing few feets away when the cars hammers by. It is just mindblowing…

See and hear for yourself in this little video below filmed at one of the most famous spots on the 20,7 km long Nordsleife, Pflanzgarten. Feel free to follow Mcqueens (@mcqueens.dk) on Instagram for more pictures from the Oldtimer GP and what else is going on at Mcqueens.

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