At Mcqueens you’ll find a tastefully selected collection of apparel, shoes, watches, bags and other accessories. Items suitable the modern man but inspired by the golden days of motoring. Don’t worry if todays fashion dictates that men should wear girlish outfits. Mcqueens don’t care about fashion.
But we care about style.


Mcqueens is proud bringing the really cool and stylish Autodromo collection to Scandinavia. The world of New York based Autodromo is the creative vision of founder Bradley Price, an industrial designer who set out to craft unique products that express the spirit of motoring. The Autodromo collection draw aesthetic inspiration from a golden age of motoring, when driving required style, panache, and perhaps a little bit of danger.

The attention to detail that goes into every single Autodromo piece is nothing but astonishing and every product represent an unique opportunity to purchase an individual, superbly executed and beautiful designed piece of art. Autodromo is the perfect match to our mission here at Mcqueens, and we are proud to be the sole Scandinavia distributor.

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Pictured here: Autodromo Group B


Introducing MCQ by Akuart®

We are pround to unveil our new productline together with Akuart ® featuring some of the best automotive photographers in the world. The images captures the essence of style & gasoline. But they do more than look good. Akuart prints also improve the acoustics dramatically, especially in large rooms. Perfect for your living room, office, garage or just about everywhere you want something unique and beautiful with a purpose on your walls. Shipping within the EU is included to the price. New images will be added regularly.

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At Mcqueens you can buy GrandPrix Originals, the brand for drive and lifestyle – past and present. GrandPrix Originals is heavily inspired by classic cars and racing from the golden age of racing – the sixties and seventies. The days where heroes like Jacky Ickx, Jo Siffert, Carroll Shelby and Jim Clark performed on the stages of Spa, Monaco, Le Mans and or the legendary Nürburgring. Where race cars seemed to have wings and the times did as well!

GrandPrix Originals reflects the spirit of these times with its authentic collection of jackets, accessories, shirts and travel gear with original sponsor logos and stylish influences of then and now.

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You will also find other stylish jackets and hoodies in the shop


The world of Mcqueens is centered on the spirit of vintage motoring and inspired by the good old days of racing when danger, courage, style and charisma were part of life.


The Story

The world of Mcqueens is the vision of founder Thomas Brixen, designer and motoring-journalist as well as designated vintage motor-enthusiast and weekend-racedriver. The modern man needs coolness, style and a bit more rock’n roll. Mcqueens should be the solution to all the men who wants to stand out and doesn’t believe in modern metrosexualism. Mcqueens is centered on the spirit of vintage motoring because back then the drivers had plenty of style, charisma and manhood. Mcqueens is not about fashion because like most men we simply don’t care about fashion. But we do care about style. Mcqueens wants to design and sell tastefully and cool apparel, jackets, footwear, accessories – such as watches, sunglasses and bags, with an automotive inspiration. You can also follow our adventures in the automotive world on the blog. Or share your own? At Mcqueens we enjoy tasteful driving, beautiful and fast cars and motorbikes, the smell of gasoline and oily fingers just as much as we enjoy style.


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It doesn’t matter whether you drive a youngtimer, a classic, sportscar or just a regular everyday car. We urge you to go out and drive a good road, enjoy the landscape and a good cup of mocca at the end of the road. Drive with style!

Let’s race

The vision of Mcqueens also contains a vintage raceteam with american muscle or a slick german boxer. We want to race the Spa, the Nürburgring, Le Mans Classic… Contact us if you’re interested in sponsoring this adventure.

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